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About Friendly IT

We are a computer repair and  IT service provider built upon one thing, Customer friendly service. In an industry where its easy to lead people on we are here to be transparent and offer value above and beyond any of our competitors. These are the qualities that keep our loyal customer base returning every time they are in need. Based just minutes from the intersection of Bromley, Croydon, Lambeth, Lewisham, and Southwark, we are in a prime location to serve South London. The friendly IT brand is build from the ground up with value in mind, it is our asset and our goal. Not just during the job but before and after as well. 
My Story
Hi, I'm Ben Nunn, I'm the Manager and Lead Technician at Friendly IT. I've always been interested in how things work - and why they don't - so, of course, a computer technician course made sense to round out my knowledge of this ever growing industry. I also find great pleasure in helping others so once I had completed the course, the next logical step was to start Friendly IT.
Our Story
The name friendly IT was the first real idea that ended up forming the basis for everything about how the business would operate and grow, that was in 2010. Since then we have slowly but steadily grown our customer base, out matching our competitors every step of the way. Going forward we have a ton of great content planned for our YouTube channel FriendlyITUK  and even more great value services coming soon.
Your Story
Why Friendly IT? First and foremost because it's important that the service is friendly and approachable. Customers first, Computers second. What really matters is you and your story. Why don't you tell us Below in our contact section.

How-tos & Recommended Products

With over 7 years of experience in both residential and business settings, fixing computers and IT issues is our bread and butter. we offer value above and beyond our competitors on each and every job we do. That's not all, we have Started a Series of how-tos and we freely offer up our recommended choices when it comes to software and products.
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