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  • A 5% discount on labour costs on any work carried out.*
  • Security Alerts when any new Threats Spread.
  • Instant Access to our Extra content to improve you digital life.

We take great care in only offering value in any part of our business and this extends to our mailing list we wont just send you something for the sake of sending it. Each of our emails are clearly marked in the subject and we are happy to take feedback about the content of our emails.

Security alerts are routed from some of the biggest names in the Cyber security business like UK-Cert and Kaspersky. Delivered in a jargon light format with clear instructions of what you should do to keep yourself safe. we make a point of checking our sources prior to sending anything related to security.

You are free to unsubscribe whenever you like. As with all of our other services we respect your privacy and we will never sell, rent or exchange your email address with anyone outside of Friendly IT. For full details read our Privacy Policy.


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*Applies for as long as you are subscribed to the mailing list